4 tips for a healthy work culture

It is easy to talk about work culture, but difficult to apply in real life. Daily routine can make a business focus on short-term productivity while forgetting that its employees are human beings. Having a positive work environment can make a team happier, which in turn will boost any company’s results. At the end of… Read More »

5 Communication tools you should have in your business

Effective communication is essential to business operations, as it allows for the creation of better processes and therefore better customer service. Fortunately, today’s technology has created numerous tools that businesses can leverage to meet operational needs. Many of these tools can be used at no cost, but there are others that are worth investing in.… Read More »

The great value of Social Networks in the franchise

Social networks have become a fundamental medium in any current advertising and communication strategy that we cannot deny, as they significantly influence brand image and the final purchase decision that potential customers will make. This fact has acquired a decisive character in a very short period of time, it is changing the rules of the… Read More »