4 tips for a healthy work culture

By | July 24, 2020

It is easy to talk about work culture, but difficult to apply in real life. Daily routine can make a business focus on short-term productivity while forgetting that its employees are human beings. Having a positive work environment can make a team happier, which in turn will boost any company’s results.

At the end of the day, the little extra work that can be taken away from an employee who is overloaded with responsibilities pales into insignificance when the best workers decide to quit.

Here are four lessons I’ve learned about how to create a healthy and productive work culture in your company

1. Learn to communicate
The backbone of relationships, professional or personal, is communication. Employees work best when they receive constructive feedback and when their managers are clear and honest about what is expected of them.

One of the first changes I made in my company was the way we communicated. Before, we had to schedule meetings or call the people we needed to talk to. Today we use Slack, a communication application that organizes group conversations without causing distractions.

2. Find people who are different from you
You need to find individuals with complementary skills in order to build a good team. However, you have to remember that with different skills come different personalities. Your job is to create channels of communication and a work environment that not only allows these different personalities to coexist, but to flourish.

Some experts recommend hiring people with similar ways of thinking, however, that can become a weakness. It’s best to feel comfortable working with different types of people to appreciate their strengths.

3. Be vulnerable
Nobody knows everything. That’s why it’s important to have a strong team to support you. Think you’re gaining experience when you feel you’re in a situation you don’t handle 100 percent. Lean on your team to fill in the gaps and move on. You’ll find that it prepares you and makes you stronger for difficult times.

4. Listen to your employees
Look around you. The perfect mentor in this growing experience is right in front of you. Listen and learn from your employees, they know well how everything works and what it takes to make the job a success.

Involve your team in the decisions that directly affect them, as they can be excited by participating in these processes. They will work harder and do more. Sometimes being a leader means finding the strength and courage to follow someone else.