The great value of Social Networks in the franchise

By | July 23, 2020

Social networks have become a fundamental medium in any current advertising and communication strategy that we cannot deny, as they significantly influence brand image and the final purchase decision that potential customers will make. This fact has acquired a decisive character in a very short period of time, it is changing the rules of the game and, at the same time, it has not yet been necessarily assumed by many companies with the importance it deserves. It is therefore necessary for franchisors to develop a clear and defined strategy on two fronts: the search for franchisees and the presence of the brand on the platforms.

The franchise model has some peculiarities that must be taken into account when designing the communication and marketing plan, since one of its main characteristics is the transfer of the brand to a third party. Therefore, the structure of the company is decentralized and it is necessary to guarantee the homogeneity in the messages that are launched from the different online channels.

The franchise sector is aware of the importance of Social Media and, as a franchise network, it must ensure that its members comply with and follow certain guidelines in order to offer customers, entrepreneurs and investors a homogeneous brand image, service or product, regardless of the province, country or continent where the establishment is located.

By these means of communication, the franchise market maintains a constant feedback with its clients, since through post and publications it communicates them all kinds of advantages, news and promotions.

Clauses in the contract
In this aspect, within the Franchise Contract, specific clauses must be included, establishing some bases so that the line of communication is the correct one and the use of the different RRSS is also the right one, since behind it is the final client or the potential franchisee, and thanks to a “I like it”, a mention, or a recommendation, it can achieve that the ensign achieves more recognition and popularity among the consumer society.

“Due to the growth needs of franchises, Social Networks have established themselves as spaces of great splendor for the chains,” says Alberto Salvador, Commercial Director at T4 Franchises, who adds. “A social network must be for the brand, like the business model itself. Experts who know these strategies understand the strength of these sites, capable of attracting potential entrepreneurs and creating a unique user experience”.

The T4 Franchise consulting firm, within the high list of services it offers, carries out an initial assessment with review and elements such as the Franchise Dossier, the Contract, the technical specifications and also the online presence in the best portals and Social Networks.

The consultancy firm continues to grow in its commitment to followers in RRSS. The company maintains a particularly relevant place in the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.